Good Impact Group (GIG)

Connecting charities with marketing and business development professionals.

For Charities

  • Access leading marketing and business development knowledge.
  • Gain new perspectives and external advice from trusted advisors.
  • Boost your charity’s success whilst maintaining budgets.
  • Create and/or implement long-term strategies.
  • Refine and enhance your cause.

For Marketing and BD Professionals

  • Apply your expertise and passion to create real change.
  • Expand your network; both personally and professionally.
  • Demonstrably boost economic, social and corporate governance (ESG).
  • Enhance your corporate purpose.
  • Increase your CSR.

There are no registration fees to join the Good Impact Group and membership is open to all charitable organisations as outlined by the Charities Act 2011, as well as marketing and business development leaders from across professional services. No financial contribution is required at any stage; the Good Impact Group is all about people sharing their skills and time.