Benefit from the best in the industry

We know that there are a huge amount of charities like yours looking for marketing and business development support, but that it can be challenging finding the resource to set up and fund certain activity. Meanwhile, there are lots of great marketing and business development experts out there who would like to help, but don’t have access to relevant opportunities. That’s where we come in: we are here to help you support your Good Impact by providing marketing and BD specialists.

How it works

Simply get in touch explaining what sort of support you’re looking for and we will match you with a marketing and/or business development professional who will be able to help.

We will then join you for an introductory meeting (either in person or online) where activities and time commitments will be agreed before the project starts, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

As well as access to great people, becoming a member of the Good Impact Group (GIG) will provide you with access to exclusive events and networking sessions with your peers.

Marketing and BD support

You can access support for any kind of marketing or BD related project that you have. This can be a one-off task, or an ongoing project. Either way, we ask that you outline your tasks before the project starts so both sides have clarity around what is expected. Examples of areas where the Good Impact Group can help include:

  • Business strategy and plans to cover a set period (e.g. 6 months or 12 months).
  • Content creation (e.g. website copy or blog posts).
  • Newsletter set up.
  • Brochure design.
  • Brand development and messaging.
  • Thought leadership ideas.
  • Campaign concepts and management.
  • Events support.
  • Bid writing
  • Advice and suggested improvements around existing marketing strategies.
  • Social media profile set up.
  • Social media post scheduling.
  • Relationship development training.
  • Market/competitor research.
  • Workshops around a specific marketing or BD topic (one-day workshops, or a series).

The Good Impact Group works by connecting great people with great causes. No financial contribution will be required at any stage; the GIG is all about people sharing their skills and time.

Remote and in person options

As long as you and the marketing and BD profesisonals are comfortable, you’re more than welcome to meet in person, but we ask that any tasks you need support with are possible to carry out remotely. We can help you set up video calling tools if needed. Plus, as well as the introductory meeting, we are happy to join future meetings if you would find it beneficial.

Key benefits for you and your organisation:

★ Inject new ideas and activities to raise profile and/or increase revenue.

★ Increase your audience reach or engagement

★ Access leading marketing and business development knowledge.

★ Gain new perspectives and external advice from trusted advisors.

★ Boost your charity’s success whilst maintaining budgets.

★ Win a new contract/grant.

★ Create and/or implement long-term strategies.

★ Refine and enhance your cause.